How To Connect Laptop to HDMI Flat Screen LCD Monitor

How To Connect Laptop to HDMI Flat Screen LCD Monitor

Here I am connecting the Dell Vostro V130 laptop to my 23" Samsung LCD monitor which supports DVI, VGA, HDMI and has a built in tv tuner. The laptop is running Windows 7 Professional. The monitor is my Samsung P2370HD which is a 23" 1080p HDTV with built in TV Tuner. I paid about $250 for it over the holidays in 2009. Amazon link listing it currently at $278 amzn.to Using the HDMI cable, I am able to push both video and audio to the monitor making this a sweet setup for presentations or watching movies. I'm running a contest giveaway for the laptop to make sure to enter before February 20th, 2011 at butyoureagirl.com More general description ======================== I am showing how to connect the Dell Vostro V130 laptop to an external flat screen monitor via the HDMI cable YouTube Creator Information ------------------------------------------ Adria Richards Channel youtube.com Blog butyoureagirl.com Twitter http Email adria.richards@butyoureagirl.com
@MrMyKey94 yeah the HD7970 has a hdmi output, so will connect just fine. It also supports 3D ^^

Quebrou de novo o HDMI do x box ):

vendo play3, 2 controles, fifa 12 y el cable hdmi.

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