PCEngine : Parasol Stars (1991) - My Reply

PCEngine : Parasol Stars (1991) - My Reply

I took question. My answer is in movie. 0:00-4:00 *** How To Get a "Credit99 Coin" *** Get a item "The necklace of the RAINBOW" and go to secret room. "The necklace of the RAINBOW" appears every 77 stages. Extreme example. If "Clear Stage1-1 and reset" is repeated 76 times, it appears in the 77th Stage1-1. 4:01-5:50 *** How To Get a "Jambo Ring" *** Be the 1st in score ranking and input "BOM" and use continue. The screen upper part has three Aube. Go to secret room! 5:51-6-19 *** How To Go To The"Sound Test Room" *** Push run button while pushing I button and II button and ↓Key in title screen.

曇天の下、おじゃま館長居店→日本橋→グランドカオスを巡回。途中、新刊書店でオトナファミ最新号をチェックする。今月のレトロゲーム特集は、急に変わったよな あのゲームの続編60本。PCエンジンからは、ソンソンII・パラソルスター・PC原人・スプラッターハウス・超兄貴などがエントリー。

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